Ray Kober

Ray Kober is a dynamic entrepreneur with twenty years of experience in insurance.  He started his insurance career at Aflac in 2001, was named Rookie of the Year in New York Metro, and went on to lead Aflac’s Region in New York’s Westchester County.

Ray has vast experience in the employee benefits space having lead initiatives on hundreds of projects and managed teams serving hundreds of thousands of employees.

As CEO of Benefixa, Ray is committed to helping businesses reverse the trend of insurance increases that have plagued society.  He leads a team that works tirelessly to advocate for working class people, the men and women who are the fabric and heartbeat of America.  “Ultimately, health care is about human lives.  And when you think about it, people are what really matter.  When you start there, you are on the path to fixing health care in the United States of America.”

Ray has been a member of the largest network of C-level executives, The C-Suite Network, since 2018 and is an advisory board member of The HERO Club exclusively reserved for founders and CEOs.  He’s an avid investor, a strong proponent of green energy, EVs, cryptocurrency, biomedicine, blockchain technology and America 2.0.

Contact Info


Benefixa, 1-866-800-3433.

To learn more about Benefixa visit http://www.benefixa.com