Mark Holland

Mark Holland began his professional career as a small business owner at the age of 17. He later entered the insurance industry as an agent in 1994 gravitating to specializing in worksite marketing, benefit communication and electronic enrollment. Using his business and entrepreneurial skills, Mark became a founding partner and CEO of BenCom®.  During this time, he managed the development of proprietary tools, processes and technologies that helped employers communicate and enroll their employee benefit programs.  Over the years, these tools have been used by numerous national public companies, state governments and even major insurance carriers.

Mark is regularly recognized in national press and trade journals. He has been featured on CNBC and Bravo’s World Business Review, Benefit News, Benefit and Compensation, as well as others.  His newest venture, BenefitHelp™ is centered around an innovative approach in using the latest technologies to improve the health care and benefits industry.  BenefitHelpTM has brought on several national customers and again introduced new technologies the marketplace.