Bart Sheeler

CEO & Co-Founder – Benezon The Benefits App™ Benezon operates a 24/7 cloud-based service business utilizing a white-labelednplatform to authorized distribution partners (agencies, brokers and TPAs) as a value added tool and resource for use with their employer groups and employee members — both during open enrollment, and throughout the year. Our services include a technology based app and web portal resources and hands-on concierge advocacy and customer support programs — all dedicated and private labeled to each unique client.

Engagement and support are delivered with an industry-leading benefits app, web based member portal and inbound member support via toll free phone, email and chat platforms. We combine numerous resources all in one place — connecting members with health plan and benefit information, program details, and additional third party services such as available “no-consult fee” telemedicine designed to offer convenience and yield overall savings to total healthcare costs.

Our focus is on engagement. More importantly, our platform employs technology to help our client partners move their groups along our continuum of success that starts with creating awareness, and works through promotion to drive engagement — all in an effort to yield improvement at both the individual member level and for groups and their self-funded insurance programs.

Our benefits app serves as a hub-and-spoke platform that promotes the right blend of high-tech tools and high-touch personalized service to foster optimal results. More is available at